Design: Floreat Homes; Photos: Torben Eskerod

The UK is among the countries where row houses exist in thousands of variations. Radbrook Village, a new settlement by Floreat Homes, professional house builder from the area, offers several types. Radbrook Village is surrounded by parks, just outside the town centre of Shrewsbury.

A generous garden surrounds each house of the settlement. Radbrook Village blends in elegantly with the neighbourhood thanks to their discrete, traditional forms clad in red brick and ridge roofs, beloved for their homey appearance.

To stay competitive in the real estate market, Floreat Homes had to come up with concepts meeting the needs of ever-evolving families.

The house has three bedrooms of similar size, around 12 square metres each, which allows a multitude of uses. One is located on the ground floor next to a bathroom and can be refurbished to gain a separate entrance. The living room is not connected to any other area, which allows a lot of flexibilities in usage.

The biggest room of the house is kitchen combined with the dining area. A vaulted ceiling results in generous room height and gives the space a welcoming and bright appearance that can often be lacking in long, large rooms.

Row Houses in Shrewsbury with VELUX windowsDesign: Floreat Homes; Photos: Torben Eskerod

Design: Floreat Homes; Photos: Torben Eskerod

As there is a practical storage just behind the kitchen, roof windows were the best solution to provide optimal natural light where it is needed the most. Roof windows are especially suitable in a rainy climate, as they provide at least twice as much light as vertical windows of the same size. Additionally, they are used to ventilate the whole room.

The rational layout has some other luxurious features. The bathroom, equipped with a VELUX roof window, and a light-flooded staircase let the house appear larger and more airy. The facts confirm the appearance: strategic positioning of windows allows optimal air exchange in the house, making it not only cosy, but healthy.


Design: Floreat Homes; Photos: Torben Eskerod

Every square metre of the ground floor is optimally used and allows for maximum flexibility.

The roof window above the stairs lightens the very centre of the house, an area that is usually lacking daylight. A compact first floor consists of only what is absolutely necessary - two bedrooms and a bathroom.

But it is far from average thanks to the light-flooded, generous and modern bathroom.

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