VELUX installation training

Our courses combine practical and theory and are designed to help you move forward with your business. Keep up to date with the developments of our windows and accessories, the best installation practices, as well as the commercial arguments to better sell the VELUX range and thus increase your profits, and all courses are free of charge.
Choose between our physical and online offers:

Physical training 

  • Reason 1See for yourself just how easy it is to carry out a quick, efficient, Best Practice installation
  • Reason 2Learn about new VELUX products and innovations, before they come to market
  • Reason 3Boost profits through improved product knowledge and understanding Homeowners are willing to stretch their budget a little if they understand the full benefits of the VELUX product range.

Discover the online courses

  • Reason 1Our online training sessions are a convenient way to develop your knowledge of VELUX products and how to correctly and efficiently install them, wherever you may be. 
  • Reason 2Learn about new products before they hit the market and discover the improvements we're introducing.
  • Reason 3Increase your profits through improved product knowledge and understanding.