Installing peace of mind

The new VELUX Adjustable middle gutter.

Introducing the new VELUX Adjustable middle gutter, made in collaboration with installers for an even better installation.

Our innovative and patented solution makes roof window combination installations more straightforward. The middle gutter can be adjusted to widths between 100 - 160 mm, ensuring that it always fits to the actual rafter dimensions, providing peace of mind when it’s not possible to obtain exact measurements. It also eliminates the need to create bespoke solutions for each project and brings down the risk of on-site issues.

Add value to projects by installing bigger and better solutions, and bring more of the outdoors in.

Why use the VELUX Adjustable middle gutter?

Gives peace of mind

Regardless of the rafter dimensions, you can expect the perfect fit every time. The middle gutter can be adjusted to widths between 100 - 160 mm.

It’s innovative and patented

The middle gutter has been expertly engineered, its multi-layer drainage system captures and guides rainwater effectively to shield the roofline and ensure watertightness.

Built for all weather conditions

Tested extensively at one of the largest wind tunnels in Northern Europe to ensure it protects against the toughest weather conditions.
The new VELUX Pro+ combination flashing set

The VELUX Adjustable middle gutter is included in the VELUX Pro+ combination flashing set, types EKW and EKL. The Pro+ combination flashing set has all you need in one box for a flawless installation.

When ordering, look for the letter M at the end of the product code – this means the VELUX Adjustable middle gutter, insulation collars and underfelt collars are included. For example: EKW MK06 2021M for a side-by side combination.

Pro+ combination flashing set illustrated for EKW 2021M side-by side combination:


Adjustable middle gutter

Adjustable between 100-160 mm

Underfelt collar (BFX)

Insulation collar (BDX)

Underfelt collar and insulation collar explained

Learn more about the features and benefits of the underfelt collar (BFX) and insulation collar (BDX)
Underfelt collar (BFX)
Insulation collar (BDX)
Experience an optimised installation process

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