Replacement supply and fit service

Replacing your existing roof window with a new, more energy-efficient VELUX roof window is easier than you think.

A roof window replacement is possible with almost all window types. Like-for-like windows of the same size are usually replaced within a few hours. Upgrading  your old roof windows couldn't be easier with the VELUX replacement supply and fit service.

We take care of everything, including the installation by partnering with our local Certified Installers. Installation prices, from €500, are estimates based on a standard-sized, manually operated VELUX roof window installation from inside the home without the need for scaffolding or other required equipment.

Advantages of roof window replacement

Replacing roof windows - quick and easy!

Our replacement team will help you out every step of the way – From window specification through to completed installation.

Control the temperature of your space

When it comes to getting the temperature of your home right, there is more to consider than how to heat it on cold days. With hotter summers an ongoing reality, being able to keep our homes comfortably cool during heat waves is a pressing need.

Energy efficiency is another consideration. Good quality windows that offer insulation and an airtight seal, preventing warmth from escaping, will keep heating costs down and ensure your home’s temperature stays consistent and perfectly suited to your needs.


Why you should replace your old roof window

All VELUX roof windows are built to last, but our products improve all the time. Newer VELUX roof windows are built with state-of-the-art insulating technologies that really make a difference. By combining VELUX roof windows with our blackout energy blinds and anti-heat blackout shutters you get even better insulation.

So, if you have been shutting the door to your older renovated room during the cold season, it is time to reclaim your space. Replacing your old roof windows with new energy efficient VELUX roof windows can ensure the warmth stays in, and the cold stays out.

Replacement advice

Let us advise you - our experts will be happy to answer your questions about window replacement.

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